Words Like Wildfire “Painted Pictures”


GTA’s upcoming band WORDS LIKE WILDFIRE is a 4 piece, dynamic post-hardcore band based out of Toronto, Ontario, coming to you from SounDrive Records Inc. Painted Pictures is the second track off of the 5 song ep coming later in 2020. With an energetic, singable, and catchy melody; it keeps you engaged until the end.

In such unprecedented times due to the effects of COVID 19, Words Like Wildfire bring back the live concert atmosphere for new and old fans alike. A little something to fill in the time during isolation while giving you something to look forward to following the opening of venues worldwide once again.     Painted Pictures highlight the powerful feeling of what it is like to lose yourself. Pulling on lyrics such as “I think we missed all the turning points” and “I’ll abandon tomorrow, painting pictures of how we’ll give up when our life sucks“.

Featuring Luke Snider from The Parallel, formerly signed to InVogue Records, he adds to the complexity of the song with lyrics like “Your own self-discovery will show you what it means to be” detailing the ongoing tribulation of the process of self-discovery that comes with growing and learning through various experiences.





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