What makes a ROCK STAR, well I guess the music is the bare minimum. You gotta be able to sing and play an instrument or two. But what makes a ROCK STAR” FASHION? CAN WE SAY MAYBE FASHION PLAYS APART? 

Well, I will tell you, I saw Tokey Taboo for the first time at The Hideout Toronto during Indie Week 2017 opening party. I could tell “Dolly Daggers” had something. She looked the part and music was inspiring and the band was full of energy.

But then there were the finals at the Mod Club! Tokyo Taboo stole the show! Stage diving in a reckless way. Dolly was making sweet love to the stage. Water and beer everywhere. I was mesmerized and all that kept coming to my mind was there is a ROCK STAR

“This interview really says it much better than I can ever can, Enjoy!”

Dolly Daggers” Fashion Model, Rocks Star, Yup EVEN A MUSIC TEACHER!

Tokyo Taboo Emotional Suicide






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