The Drifts with Chris Beson CDN Music WHAT A SHOW!

Chris Beson & Liese Rose from CDN Music have now partnered with SEE ROCK LIVE MAG to bring you more of the music they love!

As live music fans, Liese and I had a particularly difficult time managing our sanity through the pandemic.  We were constantly looking up new music from around the country and hoping for any outdoor shows we could attend.  We ended up with a list of bands we planned on seeing and very few shows. The Drifts were near the top of our list.

The Drifts released their debut album, Traces, in January of 2021.  The pandemic may have slowed them down, but it didn’t stop them.  I had a chance to sit down with Alyssa Holmes and Sammy Nyberg to talk a little bit about the album and what to expect in the future.

The Drifts Live at Parkdale Hall Atlantis Room with CDN Music on SEE ROCK LIVE MAG
The Drifts Live at The Cameron House – Shot By CDN Music in SEE ROCK LIVE MAG
The Drifts – Traces Teaser Video






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