Pink Leather Jackets – Downtown Livin’

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021
Genre: Rock, Punk
Similar Artists: The Dirty Nil, PUP, The Strokes, The Offspring

Rent is due, your car just got towed, it’s always raining, you lost your job, and your mother
needs urgent hip replacement surgery! Downtown Livin’ was written by frontman Chris in
his Toronto apartment atop his frameless bed mattress. It was inspired by life stacking bad
luck on top of bad luck

Downtown Livin’ was recorded in an espresso and vodka fueled haze at Dreamhouse
Studios in Toronto, Canada with producers Aaron Verdonk and Calvin Hartwick. Aaron and
Calvin influenced the band to perform at a higher level- blowing out their voices and
capturing the raw emotion that the song demanded. Downtown Livin’ was mixed by Dave
Schiffman (Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of A Down) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Rush,
Tragically Hip)

Cover Art for Pink Leather Jackets Downtown Livin’






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