Indie Week Indigenous Showcase at Hughs Room with Kelly Fraser and Matt James

Indie Week and Hugh’s Room curated a very special night.

The organizers of Indie Week did a great thing by creating a special showcase for Indigenous artists. These artists are amazing by any standard but it’s nice to get a quantity of this music and the dialogue that comes with it. We got a chance to speak to both of these artists featured in the show cast Kelly Fraser talked to us in the SEE ROCK LIVE MAG RV at the Hideout for the Indie Week launch party and Matt James we met at Revival at the crazy but very fun Indie Week Media day at Revival.

This is the interview directly after the showcase. These are two honest and amazing artists!!

Kelly Fraser opened the showcase with an eclectic music mix from Dace to her own traditional music.

Matt James has recently exploded winning awards both in the country music and indigenous music genres





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