HIDEOUT TORONTO 11th Anniversary Bash

Jacqui Childs from SEEROCKLIVE.com got a chance to meet and spend some time with these fine gents at the 11 Year Anniversary. as always these boys had a lot to say.
The Hideout Toronto is a Rock n Rollers Haven. Why because the guys that own it are Rock n Rollers. Danny, Jimmy & Phil are hard-working & hard, well let’s just leave it at hard-working venue owners. The guys are what Makes the Hideout the Hideout. I am sure if these guys did now own the Hideout they would be patrons there very often. This venue where people go to enjoy great live music, see and meet beautiful people and let go for the night is a lot of fun and warm. Most nights you find all the owners on one side of the bar or the other but they are there. Greeting patrons with smiles and a warm feeling of welcome. Oh, YA lots of  BEER, SPIRITS, AND SHOTS!!






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