Grammar Police are a T-Rox Academy Super Group

GRAMMAR POLICE Dean 12 turning 13, Adam 13, Sunny 14, Jack 13 

This group is so young that their parents have to be with them to play a gig in a bar. That being said you may want to sit with their parents and maybe even get a picture with them because their kids may be famous someday!! The GRAMMAR POLICE are a T-ROX Academy Super Group. The way it was explained to me is that T-Rox pared some of the most talented students/artists and made Grammar Police. These young fellows are covering some of the most famous bands in the world SMASHING PUMPKINS, AC DC, LED ZEPPELIN, TRAGICALLY HIP just to name a few.  It was shocking truly shocking how talented they are.

If you want to book these guys I would suggest you call T-Rox Academy and speak to their people!





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