Erica Knox ‘Make Me Happy’

Erica Knox latest release Make Me Happy

“I keep all my expectations prevalent though I know they’re destructive, so I just hold them to my chest and right away become counterproductive”

I’m excited to share with you my new pop single ‘Make Me Happy‘. Written by Erica Knox, and produced by Kadeema’s Tal Vaisman, it is now available on all streaming platforms!

This song came from looking to others to make me happy, and realizing that I am the only person who is capable of that. Whether it be in relationships, with friends, or with family, I can’t rely on others to make me happy, I have to create a life doing things that I love, with the people I love, to achieve that. 

Writing this song taught me that if things aren’t serving a purpose in my life, I have to move on from them. It’s one thing to have standards, and certain expectations from partners, but to voice these expectations is another thing that I’ve had to learn to overcome. It’s not a sign of weakness or defeat, but respect that I owe to myself. 

‘Make Me Happy‘ is a reminder to love yourself first, and if others want to love you too, communication and openness will serve as a saviour. 

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