Black Out Orchestra – New Video Tongues

(Toronto, ON): Following the release of 2021’s debut album I Will Want You When We Are Ghosts chronicled a period of heartbreak and recovery, Toronto’s Blackout Orchestra (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ben VanBuskirk and co-vocalist Morgan Thompson-Reid) have announced the Valentine’s Day release of their new single Tongues from their sophomore LP, Beauty Sleep, to be released on QuickFix Recordings later this year.

Across the album’s eight tracks, Beauty Sleep explores the feeling of being caught between the lingering echoes of a nightmare as you wake up to a new day, a metaphor used to represent the feelings of being between the “big moments” of your life, and what those in-between days feel like.

Beauty Sleep Tracklisting:
Go Slowly
Bury It
The Process
The First Time

“The last album ended on a high note, having gotten sober and found a new sense of purpose,” says VanBuskirk, “but ‘happily ever after isn’t real – life in all its sadness and glory keeps happening, things that you’ve moved on from still show up from time to time, and new love and new challenges keep you adapting and trying to keep up. I guess this record is about that – finding your footing after a fresh start.”

Blackout Orchestra – Tongues






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