Zebra & The Bandit Freedom

  • Zebra And The Bandit Freedom (Offical Video)

With the whole world on pause, Zebra And The Bandit dropped the music video for their liberating anthem, “FREEDOM”.

Directed by their frontman Mr. Stripes, it references his experience of being robbed of his family, his home, and his sanity, which sent him on a soul-searching journey out west to Saskatchewan with nothing but his 9 huskies, his guitar, and some basic recording gear, all packed into his Chevy hatchback…

While Mr. Stripes was out West, the band kept in contact and recorded all their parts from their own remote locations. The vocals were recorded on Mr. Stripes’ journey out West, on the side of the highway overlooking the beautiful landscape of Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan.

This video paints a picture of FREEDOM, and encourages the viewer to find THEIR OWN Freedom, whatever that may be…





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