The Celebration Army Live at Lynx Music Studios

The Celebration Army live at Lynx Music With Sarah Rattray 

Sarah Rattray interview with The Celebration Arm Lynx Music

  What can I say about The Celebration Army but thank you for bringing Rock N Rollback! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live at The Horseshoe Tavern and now in a private show at Lynx music. These guys are true performers reminiscent of 70’s rock legends. From the sex appeal of frontman Oliver Pigott to the extremely talented guitarist Nelson Sobral, bringing in the funky bass licks of Leandro Motta and keeping it all tight is Troy Larabie on drums. They are not just great musicians but true showmen. Their style, their sound, their moves all bring me back to the glory days of rock. They were a pleasure to hang out with, a fairly new band having formed in early 2017 I hope they continue to make great music and I’ll be sure to be at their next Toronto show.    -Sarah Rattray

WHEN I GET UP” The Celebration Army’s Upcoming Album.
“Come Along With You The Celebration Army’s self-titled first album
“HUNGER” The Celebration Army’s Upcoming Album.
“CHECKING ON YOU” The Celebration Army’s Upcoming Album.
“PRETTY PIECES The Celebration Army’s Upcoming Album.





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