The Capsized – Running For My Life Video

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The Capsized – Running for My life (Official Video)


I feel motivation is falling
Into the abyss of mundane life
We’re drones, tied to a rope

I’m convinced that there is something hiding
No one says what goes on behind closed doors, no remorse

I’m too weak to fight,
So instead I take flight

I’m running for my life
Just trying to survive
I’ll make it through this night
If I got my head right
I’m not immune to the pain
I will rise again

Deflect all of our attention
Selfies, fake news, social justice warriors. Where does it stop?
I’ve seen enough

Internet is famished
feeding off misinformation,

“Leaders,” say only what you want to hear,

while we live in fear Stop my fingers moving while the words light up in front of me
Is it really worth it posting what a really think out there

You cant change a mind, delete that last line, fine

Combing through the pages, of the ignorance that is online
No im not gonna bother, so my hand reaches the power line, pull the cord and cut any lingering
thought what I say can be used to fuck me up

I’m running for my life
Just trying to survive
Every day is a fight






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