Queens & Kings Going Through Hell Video Release

Here I am again, talking about one of the best and hardest working bands in Canada QUEENS & KINGS.

I have been fortunate enough to hang out with and speak to Alissa and Brendan from Queens & Kings on many occasions. Isn’t it strange that I am talking about their most intimate and telling video ever in such a detached and impersonal manner, over Zoom?

It was nice to see their smiling faces even if it was on my computer screen. What was the topic? Their latest video Going Through Hell! Going Through Hell is a down-to-earth rock n roll song with hints of the blues that I find myself singing while I am working or walking down the street. And the video for this song evokes real emotion in me and may very well in you. It is a montage of a couple, that are also two contributing parts of a band. Two individuals that are amazing artists in their own right that over the last decade together have been contributing to the Toronto and now Canadian Music scene in a substantial never say die way. Going Through Hell is 4 minutes and 39 seconds of intimacy in a time where it is hard to be intimate.






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