Life With Johnny NoCash Off The Grid Drinkin

For educational purposes. Drinkin’ off the Grid – How to make a vodka, water, squirt

Life With Johnny NoCash Off The Grid Drinkin!

Johnny NoCash is a beloved and very talented musician who has been in the Toronto/ South-Western Ontario Music Scene for a long time. Play both on his own as a solo artist and also with his partners in crime and drinking buddies, The Celtic Outlaws.

Johnny has made an enviable life choice to GOT OFF THE GRID. Even better he has chosen to chronicle it both on his podcast and in video here on SEE ROCK LIVE MAGAZINE and on his YouTube Channel.

Now, I am pretty sure that part of this original lifestyle choice involved playing way more gigs on the road in different places all over Canada and the U.S. but well Johnny’s got Covid Lockdowns fucking him up as I am sure he would put it.

We will be bringing you each new episode of Life With Johnny NoCash as they come out, enjoy.





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