July Talk – I am water Official Video

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July Talk – I Am Water

Like all true Scorpios, “I Am Water” is ruled by a vast force of emotion, just as the tide is controlled by the moon. Powered by alarm and elation, the new song celebrates moving our bodies. “But we coincide,” Leah and Peter sing; we are here, now, together. When we face the cosmic improbability of it all, we can dance.

Release and unleash, be pulled by the moon out into the night. Dive into “I Am Water,” produced and mixed by Graham Walsh, in the video below.

July Talk – I Am Water [Official Lyric Video]

We are thrilled to welcome JULY TALK to the Six Shooter world. This new era also brings the founding of Danuta, a home base for Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis’ many artistic pursuits.





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