Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws “To the Gallows”

“To The Gallows” was released in summer 2019. This video, the song “To The Gallows” seems to be a lot like the Johnny NoCash now with The Celtic Outlaws music I was so taken by when I first discovered him. Johnny was on a stool, in an empty room, by himself, on stage doing the best ever soundcheck at now Rock n Roll memory Stop Drop & Roll. The very deep, honest from the heart and wearing his feelings on his sleeve Johnny NoCash music.

Johnny NoCash & The Celtic Outlaws released this new video for “To The Gallows”  just days after winning the award for Best Metal Video at the Canadian Independent Music Award 2019  for “Southbound”

SOUTHBOUND Johnny NoCash & Celtic Outlaws

This guy this band appeals to what my nostalgic idea of ROCK N ROLL is all about,  really and most likely what it  “WAS” all about.

But in 2019 Johnny NoCash & The Celtic Outlaws have made themselves into a most polished, authentic down and dirty rock band I am aware of in GTA. This band that holds onto there punk and metal roots at the same time creating bleeding-edge rock n roll. Going so far as to create their own genre calling it “Celtic Death Country“. Now with back-to-back songs with very strong video releases this band is very, very ready for export globally.

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