Heather Luckhart Live at Poetry Jazz Cafe

Heather Luckhart and her and hand-picked / they are all in Covid bubble group of amazing players. Put on a 2-hour show that flew by like it was only a moment.

This was an exacting night. Great players, a great singer that happens to be a Social Media Influencer. All this happening live for the world to see and hear in real-time. No Pressure right. Riiggghhht!

On Stage Tonight Heather Luckhart!

Poetry is one of the best live music venues in Toronto. This venue is a carefully crafted extension of the owner. Sean has made such a cool sophisticated environment that could be picked up and placed in Manhattan and still seem as at home as and relevant as it is in the heart of Kensington Market downtown Toronto’s Bohemia.

Hartey Pickens SEE ROCK LIVE MAG

Heather is a bonified GTA Instagram Influencer check out her social media especially Instagram to see what this powerhouse singer is doing next.






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