Flea Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Taking Photos With Fans, Calls It ‘A Transaction’

Flea will be more than happy to chat with you, just don’t expect him to be overjoyed if you ask for a photo.

Flea spoke about how asking to have a picture taken “instantly ruins” fan interaction for him, likening the practice to a “transaction”.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to have a photo taken of themselves and their favorite musician together knows how awkward these things can get. Of course, most musicians who know the value of their fans wouldn’t refuse such a request, but it’s only understandable why not all of them exactly enjoy it – as apparently the case with Flea.

Although the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist doesn’t have anything against posing alongside fans, he explained in a recent tweet how he’d much rather take the opportunity to have a heartfelt chat instead.

Flea’s reply came after a fan tweeted their gratitude to him and Anthony Kiedis for stopping to have a conversation, and noted how both musicians came off as pleasant and genuinely engaged. The bassist tweeted in response (via UCR):

“It’s because you all generated a kind and gentle light, and you didn’t ask for a picture. We are always down to talk and chat, asking for a photo ruins it instantly.”

Following Flea’s reply, many fans pointed out how fans shouldn’t be criticized for wanting to have photos taken with their heroes, as the desire to have something to remember that moment by is only natural.

Flea then went on to agree there’s nothing wrong with it, but underlined how the “transaction” itself ruins the moment for him:

“There’s is nothing wrong with it. But it ruins having actual conversation. It is a transaction”

You can check out the original series of tweets below.






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