Eye Steal’s Video for Listen to the Rain

Toronto-based band EYE STEAL is a power Duo. Remi Monroe & Dani Blood create beauty out of pain and self-destruction. Their music is propelled by forging an intense, driving assault that’s married to powerful vocals. Their live performances and videos only emphasize the intensity of their music. Their new video for Listen to the Rain is an amazing example of their style.

Eye Steal Video for Listen to the Rain

If this is the first time you are hearing Eye of Steal. They had a full-length album “Burning out” that was released in July 2017 with Negative Gain Records. Followed up by their second album burning out, Eye Steal has since parted ways with Negative Gain. Followed by a year and a half of dissidence to free his tangled mind, only to come back to stranger times.

The 2020 release of “No Hope No Future”, is referred to as a “concept/case study” on the disturbed individual Remi Monroe spent observing & relating his misfortune and self-destruction to his own in the small corner of the music industry.

Eye Steal No Hope No Further

Eye Steal tells us they are currently working on a follow-up album and production is in full swing. The uncrowned grunge goth martyr is back and taking head.





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