Cigar Club Video for Miss Jane

 Cigar Clubs “Miss Jane” is the first track off of their debut EP, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Graham Shaw, released back in early 2019. Now Cigar Club Video for Miss Jane is here at last. In the past year, Cigar Club has been growing within the Toronto music scene playing the underground rock circuit. Their live shows capture aggressive, raw energy, that quickly turns to a melodic and chill feel, that has caught attention from fans and industry professionals. Shortly after Cigar Club’s debut release, they were selected to play a curated event by Ian D’s of Billy Talent at the Bovine Sex Club. Playing alongside the band’s dubé, The Anti-Queens and Lowlives sparked the inspiration for the band helping them gain momentum.

This year, Cigar Club had its first show back in Toronto at Lee`s Palace, their biggest show to date. This music video is the first official video release for Cigar Club and was entirely shot at that show. Filmed and edited by Maddie Maitland, this video captures that special day.

Cigar Club is currently recording with sound engineer Darren McGill and producer Matthew John to release an album in 2020.






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